TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 2

2023 — NSDA Campus, US
Lincoln-Douglas (Varsity) Paradigm List
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Sam Anderson Eagan High School 3 rounds
Shamika Augustin Newark Science 3 rounds
Saied Beckford Hunter College 6 rounds
Matthew Bedeaux Hire 2 rounds
Trinity Bergen Hire 6 rounds
Isha Bhasin James Logan High School 6 rounds
Gene Bressler Hire 6 rounds
Cristina Capriglione Southlake Carroll 3 rounds
Lee Carter Heights High School 6 rounds
Amadea Datel Dublin High School Independent 3 rounds
Michael Dittmer ModernBrain 6 rounds
Bennett Dombcik Isidore Newman School 3 rounds
Yeou Dong Plano Independent 6 rounds
Raunak Dua West Boca Raton Community High School 3 rounds
Devansh Dubey Proof School 3 rounds
Oliver Feng Interlake HS 4 rounds
Patrick Fox Challenge Early College High School 3 rounds
Laura Garza Clear Springs High School 3 rounds
Sanjay Gautam Mira Loma High School 6 rounds
Divya Govindaraju Monta Vista High School 5 rounds
Nate Graziano Kent Denver School 3 rounds
Anita Gutta Newman Smith 3 rounds
Christian Han The Woodlands High School 6 rounds
wyatt hatfield Aragon High School 3 rounds
Eric He Lexington HS 4 rounds
Colter Heirigs Edgemont Junior-Senior High School 6 rounds
Lei Huang Carnegie Vanguard High School 3 rounds
Cyrus Jackson Hire 6 rounds
Neel Kanamangala Lynbrook HS 5 rounds
Haritha Kumar Lynbrook HS 4 rounds
Eva Lamberson Providence Senior 3 rounds
Jonas Le Barillec Annabel Lake Independent 3 rounds
Briajia Levi Harrison 3 rounds
Lotem Levy Pine View School 3 rounds
Eric Li Hire 2 rounds
Ying Li Sehome High School 6 rounds
Laura Livingston Bellingham High School 6 rounds
Rui Ma Concord Carlisle High School 6 rounds
Molly Martin Kent Denver School 6 rounds
Isaac Martinez Silver Creek High School 6 rounds
ian matuszeski Millard North High School 6 rounds
Jayanto Minocha Saratoga HS 3 rounds
parth misra Monta Vista High School 5 rounds
william morgan Edina High School 6 rounds
Jacob Nails Apple Valley High School 3 rounds
Amy Nyberg Solebury School 3 rounds
Kwudjwa Osei Athenian School 3 rounds
Byoung Chul PARK The Golden State Academy 6 rounds
Cheryl Qi Interlake HS 2 rounds
Anand Rao Colonial Forge High School 3 rounds
Elle Reed Bellingham High School 3 rounds
Amelia Ritenour Hire 6 rounds
Nick Ryan Hire 6 rounds
Davíd Anthony Salazar Hire 4 rounds
Eric Schwerdtfeger Dulles High School 6 rounds
Sandeep Seri Interlake HS 6 rounds
Daniel Shi King High School 3 rounds
James Shi Vestavia Hills High School 3 rounds
Matthew St-Germain Hire 6 rounds
Praphulla Suryawanshi Unionville 3 rounds
Parker Traxler Sammamish 3 rounds
Zaid Umar Heritage High Speech and Debate Club 6 rounds
Eduardo Velazquez ModernBrain 6 rounds
Vishnu Vennelakanti Oak Ridge INDEPENDENT 3 rounds
Carolyn Vicari Ridge High School 6 rounds
Zi Wang Eastern 3 rounds
Darlene Wisniewski North Allegheny 3 rounds
Qian Xia Princeton Independent 3 rounds
Samuel Xiong Canyon Crest Academy 3 rounds
Bob Yang Monta Vista High School 2 rounds
Alexander Yoakum The Woodlands High School 6 rounds
Zavia Z Bellingham High School 6 rounds
Lily Zeleny Lincoln East High School 6 rounds
Jie Zhou East Chapel Hill High School 3 rounds