ONW Debate Invitational

2022 — Olathe, KS/US
Debate Paradigm List
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Shewit Abai Hire None
Brenda Alvarez Lawrence Free State High School
Avery Amerio Hire
Haley Bajorek Bishop Seabury Academy
Don Bonjour Hire None
Andrew Booze Hire
Harrison Brown Hire
Jamelle Brown Sumner Academy of Arts and Science
Claire Chaffin Hire
Leah Cogswell Hire
Jen Decker Hire None
Tori Deneault Piper HS
Joshua Diemler Hire None
Nathan Ellsworth Hire
Lindsey Fink Blue Valley West
Rocky Fisher Hire None
Jeffrey Fouquet Hire None
Claire Haflich-Hazel Piper HS
Rebeca Highfill Hire None
Daytona Spencer Hodson Hire
Jennifer Jones Hire None
Scott Keach Hire None
Jill Kenney Hire None
Ken King SMNW
Ana Lahovary Shawnee Mission East High School
Vanna Legler Hire
Leyton Marler Olathe South High School
Hunter McCoy Hire None
Ryan McCoy Blue Valley North
Patrick McDonald Hire None
Grant McKeever Hire
Jennifer McKeever Hire
Will Mercer De Soto High School
Evan Porter Hire None
Hayley Prins Mill Valley
Alan Reynolds Bishop Miege High School
Melissa Reynolds Bishop Miege High School
J. Riggins Lawrence HS
Tony Scheidel Hire None
Rick Setter Hire None
Jessica Skoglund Hire
Erin Stucky Hire None
Royal Sullivan Sumner Academy of Arts and Science
Joe Terriquez Hire None
Michelle Terriquez Hire None
Aaron Trujillo Blue Valley West
Paul Turec Hire None
Kylee Utt Maize High School
Phil Volen SMNW
Debra Wichern Hire None
James Wichern Hire None
Tyler Willhite Hire None
Danielle Wilson Hire None
Angela York Hire None
Kendall Zimmerman Hire None
Lisa Zimmerman Hire None