Bentonville Tigers Eye

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US
Debate Paradigm List
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Kathryn Andersen Hire 8 rounds None
Jamie-Lynn Anderson Hire 8 rounds None
Bryan Bacon Hire 8 rounds None
Lukas Alexander Bacon Hire 8 rounds
Chantz Bellamy HSWCHS Debate None
John Block Little Rock Central 8 rounds
Dominique Bonilla Springdale High School None
Justin Box-Higdem Hire None
Luke Bridges Hire None
Joel Brown Har-Ber High School
Claire Busler Hire 8 rounds None
Kimberly Carnahan Hire 8 rounds None
Waleska Chacon Russellville HS Forensics/Debate 8 rounds
Kate Chapman Hire 8 rounds None
Adam Chupp Hire 8 rounds None
Nick Ciggelakis Hire 8 rounds
David Cox Hire 8 rounds None
Ryan Cox Springdale High School None
Max DeLoach Hire 8 rounds None
Ryan Dickerson Little Rock Central None
Carson Reed Duca Hire 8 rounds
Matt Eddy Don Tyson School Of Innovation
Samantha Edwards Hire 8 rounds
kim enderle Hire 8 rounds None
Debra Fithen Russellville HS Forensics/Debate 8 rounds None
Brandon Flemming Hire None
Trey Gibson Airline High School 8 rounds None
Colton Gilbert Little Rock Central
Karsten Gjeruldsen Hire 8 rounds
Beck Greenway Hire 8 rounds
Lisa Haddock Cabot High School
Jennifer Hancock Cabot High School None
Leslie Harden Greer Parkview Magnet
Brenton Higdem Hire None
Andrew Hull Hire 8 rounds None
Isabella Jenkins Hire 8 rounds
Steve Jenkins Hire 8 rounds
Cooper Johnson Airline High School 8 rounds None
Samantha Johnson Fayetteville High School 8 rounds None
Kale Johnston Hire 8 rounds None
Nadina Jones Hire 8 rounds None
Joe Kieklak Little Rock Central
Stormie King Hire None
Lahari Kolluru Hire 8 rounds None
Roxana Loaeza Russellville HS Forensics/Debate 8 rounds None
Leilani Michelle Mack Hire None
Amulya Manchikanti Hire 8 rounds None
April Marrone Hire 8 rounds None
CeCe marrone Hire 8 rounds None
Lauren Marston Hire 8 rounds None
Rachel Mauchline Cabot High School
Donn Mixon Jonesboro None
John Mixon Jonesboro None
Abbey Montgomery Hire 8 rounds
Candice Murphee Hire None
Stella Myers Hire None
Matt Peoples Hire None
Sean Petersen Don Tyson School Of Innovation
Kaitlin Potts HSWCHS Debate None
Shawn Quinlan Hire 8 rounds None
Tonya Reck Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Joe Rhee Hire 8 rounds
Jeff Rice Hire 8 rounds
Wyatt Rice Hire 8 rounds
Kayla Roat Hire
Aiswarya Saravanan Hire 8 rounds
Jessica Skordal Bentonville West High School
nick slagle Hire 8 rounds None
Chance Snyder Russellville HS Forensics/Debate 8 rounds None
whitney staggs Hire 8 rounds None
Eli Stroud Russellville HS Forensics/Debate
Rithvik Talluri Hire 8 rounds None
John Thompson Hire 8 rounds None
Pamela Thompson Hire
Robert Turney Rogers High School 8 rounds None
Rosie Valdez Little Rock Central
Jade Vasquez Hire 8 rounds None
Megan Veilleux Airline High School None
Leigh Walters Little Rock Central
Brice Witt Hire
Xiaoxiang Zhang Hire None