The Longhorn Classic Online

2020 — Austin, TX/US
Policy Debate Paradigm List
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Thomas Babcock Westwood 6 rounds
Travis Babcock Westwood 6 rounds
Vishak Bandi Coppell High School 4 rounds
Ramis Banuri Woodward Academy 4 rounds
Kristiana Báez Heritage Hall School 5 rounds
Rema Bhat Reagan HS 6 rounds
Ben Brody Hire 1 rounds
Bryan Brooks Grace Academy 6 rounds
Malcolm Carr Los Alamos High School 2 rounds None
Allie Chase Greenhill School 6 rounds
Anna Chavez Reagan HS 6 rounds
Daniel Moises Chayet Hire 6 rounds
Yao Yao Chen Liberal Arts and Science Academy 4 rounds
Kevin Clarke Hire 6 rounds
William Coltzer Hire 6 rounds
Elyse Conklin Hire 5 rounds
Daniella Cuellar Hire 6 rounds
Kenny Delph Hire 6 rounds
Jared Demunbrun Crossings Christian School 6 rounds
Het Desai Hire 6 rounds
Philip DiPiazza Reagan HS 6 rounds
David Do Hire 6 rounds
Olivia Du Memorial High School 3 rounds
Jackson Eckel Liberal Arts and Science Academy 2 rounds
Corey Fisher Westwood 6 rounds
Patrick Fox Westside HS 3 rounds
Ivan Garcia Hire 6 rounds
Bryan Gaston Heritage Hall School 1 rounds
Rob Glass The Kinkaid School 6 rounds
Martin Glendinning Hire 6 rounds None
Jack Griffiths Jesuit College Prep 3 rounds
Cody Gustafson Hire 6 rounds
Genevieve Hackman Woodward Academy 4 rounds
Adam Hall Jesuit College Prep 3 rounds
Samantha Healey Hire 6 rounds
Julia Henry Hire 6 rounds
Carlos Henry Sr. Casady School 6 rounds
Kevin Hirn Hire 5 rounds
Lawson Hudson Westwood 6 rounds
Nicholas Jennings Dulles High School 3 rounds
Sohail Jouya Westwood 2 rounds
Nicolas Juarez Hire 6 rounds
Stephanie Kaiser Dripping Springs High School 3 rounds
Hasten Kamphuis Heights High School 6 rounds
Henry Khadka Westwood 6 rounds
David Kilpatrick Hire 6 rounds
Aly Lalani Hire 6 rounds
Valorie Lam Little Rock Central 6 rounds
Jason Leazer Hire 6 rounds
Beomhak Lee Jesuit College Prep 3 rounds
Dominik Lett Westwood 6 rounds
Tim Lewis Hebron High School 6 rounds
Dan Lingel Jesuit College Prep 3 rounds
Adam Lipton Hire 6 rounds
Sim Low Colleyville Heritage High School 4 rounds
Gavin Loyd Hire 6 rounds
Carter Maberry Tyler Legacy High School 6 rounds
Mason Marriott-Voss Hire 6 rounds
Stormee Massey Grapevine High School 6 rounds
Bernard Medeiros Cypress Bay High School 6 rounds
Charles Miller Heights High School 6 rounds
Aly Mithani Hendrickson High School 6 rounds
Jack Moore Jesuit College Prep 3 rounds
Alexandra Myers Hire 1 rounds
Ben Noriega Hire 6 rounds
Adesuwa Omoruyi Alief Taylor 3 rounds
Rujuta Pandit Westwood 6 rounds
Raina Peter Greenhill School 6 rounds
Bobby Phillips Westwood 6 rounds
Steve Pointer Jesuit College Prep 4 rounds
Colin Quinn Dallas Highland Park High School 3 rounds
Quaram Robinson Hire 3 rounds
Natalie Schneider Brooks Grace Academy 6 rounds
Eric Schwerdtfeger Westside HS 6 rounds
Sam Shore Greenhill School 4 rounds
collin smith Westwood 6 rounds
Tommy Snider Casady School 3 rounds
Megan Snopik Wylie Sr High School 3 rounds
Alex Stransky Hire 6 rounds
Joseph Tierney Northview High School 6 rounds
Roman Ugarte Liberal Arts and Science Academy 3 rounds
Sahil Vaidya Liberal Arts and Science Academy 3 rounds
Zachary Watts Hire 6 rounds
Toby Whisenhunt Dallas Highland Park High School 3 rounds
Sophie Wilczynski Hire 6 rounds
DJ Williams Berkeley Preparatory School 3 rounds
Elan Wilson Hire 5 rounds
Joseph Wofford Aubrey High School 3 rounds
Benjamin Wolf Westwood 6 rounds
Julian Ybarra Hire 6 rounds