National Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — Online, US
Worlds Schools Paradigm List
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Karen Abrams Chesapeake 8 rounds
Chris Agee North Texas Longhorns 8 rounds
Miha Anrich Hire 8 rounds None
John Archolecas LBJ 8 rounds None
Matthew Baer Kansas Flint-Hills 8 rounds
Lucas Bailey Georgia Northern Mountain 8 rounds
Alex Bartlett Nebraska South 8 rounds
Matt Bartula Georgia Northern Mountain 8 rounds
Jody Batie East Oklahoma 8 rounds None
Andrew Bauer West Kansas 8 rounds
Reid Bean West Los Angeles 8 rounds
Amy Beck Idaho Mountain River 8 rounds None
Jeremy Beckman Colorado Grande 8 rounds
Annette Bender North Dakota Roughrider None
Katelyn Michelle Bertolet Hoosier Crossroads 8 rounds
Megan Blackburn West Kansas 8 rounds
Jeff Borst Hire None
Hayley Botnen Montana East 8 rounds None
Daniel Breitmayer South Oregon None
Kevin Brich Colorado 8 rounds
Bill Brown Woodland Park High School 2 rounds None
Pauline Buis Florida Sunshine 8 rounds
Kevin Burgun Northwest Indiana 8 rounds None
Dave Camous Florida Panther 8 rounds
Cecilia Caputo Western Ohio None
Emily Carter New Jersey 8 rounds
Andrew Castro Idaho Gem of the Mountain 8 rounds
Anthony Catale Northern Ohio 8 rounds None
Bro. Anthony Kiril Cavet New England
Cathy Cena FDT Academy (HS) 8 rounds None
Frankie Cena Hire 8 rounds None
Darren Chang Southern Minnesota 8 rounds
Peter Charalambous New York City 8 rounds None
Rachel Clapper Magnolia 8 rounds None
Courtney Coffman East Texas 10 rounds
Eric Cohen Ozark 8 rounds
April Cole Show Me 8 rounds
Clarissa Cole Wind River 8 rounds None
Chris Colvin Deep South 8 rounds
Kris Compton LBJ 8 rounds None
Stephanie Cozzens Wind River 8 rounds
Angella Curran South Kansas 8 rounds
Derek Davis Space City 8 rounds
Matthew Davis Central Minnesota 8 rounds
Joshua Denk Maine 8 rounds None
Lyndsy Denk Falmouth High School 3 rounds None
Matt Deters Western Ohio 8 rounds
Meagan Deutch East Kansas 8 rounds
Eric DiMichele New York City 8 rounds None
Daniel Drane Virginia 8 rounds
Jamal Dumas FDT Academy (HS) 8 rounds None
Katie Dunn Carolina West 8 rounds
Frank Patrick Egan Enderlin High School 8 rounds None
Jack Evans Hampton High School 8 rounds None
Jack Evans Pittsburgh 8 rounds None
Kim Falco West Texas 8 rounds None
Celine Farrimond South Oregon 8 rounds
Leanne Feldmann East Los Angeles 8 rounds
Ambrose Ferber New Mexico 8 rounds
Caleb Ferganchick Western Slope 8 rounds None
Michael Ferguson West Oklahoma 8 rounds
Matthew Flores Arizona None
Dan Forchta Hire 8 rounds None
Rosalyn Foster Southern California 8 rounds
Kris Freitas Big Valley 8 rounds None
Kari Fritz South Carolina 8 rounds None
Paul L. Gaba Hire 8 rounds
Kelly Garner Petal High School 2 rounds None
Colin Geraghty Carolina West 8 rounds None
Kayla Geyer North Dakota Roughrider 8 rounds
Patrick Gonzales North Oregon 8 rounds
Sarah Gonzales UIL 8 rounds
Max Groznik UIL 8 rounds
Derek Hanson Puget Sound 8 rounds
Stephanie Heath Utah-Wasatch 8 rounds
Joel Hernandez Space City 8 rounds None
Daniel Hirsch West Los Angeles 8 rounds None
Stephen Hodge New Jersey 8 rounds
Adrienne Houpt South Carolina 8 rounds None
Emily Johannes Heart Of America 8 rounds None
Daniel W. Johnson Montana East 8 rounds
Jamil Johnson Magnolia 8 rounds None
LaRinda Johnson Eastern Ohio 8 rounds None
Ryan Preschott Johnson Rocky Mountain-South 8 rounds
Stephanie Kahn North Coast 8 rounds
John Kerezy Eastern Ohio 8 rounds
Jimmy Kerr Northern South Dakota 8 rounds
Kevin King Ozark 8 rounds
Kelley Kirkpatrick Puget Sound 8 rounds
Julie A Kobbe Sunflower 8 rounds None
Audra Langston East Texas 8 rounds
Miranda Le Holy Cross School
Ryan Lovell Tall Cotton 8 rounds
Alexis Lucas Greater Illinois 8 rounds None
Elizabeth Ludwig Valley Forge 8 rounds
Victoria Ludwig Valley Forge 8 rounds
Nathaniel Mahowald New England 8 rounds
Jeanne Malone Hoosier Crossroads None
Paul Manning Sunflower 8 rounds
John Mast Heart Of Texas 8 rounds
Derrin Mayer Hire 8 rounds None
Mikendra McCoy Big Valley 8 rounds
Meaghan McDowell Rocky Mountain-South 8 rounds None
Brittanie McNeil Tarheel East 8 rounds
Jennifer Melin Lone Star 8 rounds
Angelica Mercado Rushmore 8 rounds
Jeremy Metz Virginia 8 rounds
Crystal Miller Deep South 8 rounds
Monica Morris East Kansas 8 rounds None
Aundrey Mosley Space City
Radi Muhammad Hire None
Traci L. Mumm Rocky Mountain-North 8 rounds None
Vatsala Mundra South Texas 8 rounds None
Josh Munro Montana West 8 rounds
Adelynn Nee New Mexico 8 rounds None
Deserea Niemann Southern Minnesota 8 rounds
Kristy Nuttall Sundance 8 rounds
Carmen Perez Yellow Rose
Nikki Peter North Coast 8 rounds None
Mashaylla Peterson Nebraska South 8 rounds
Sarah Petroff Show Me 8 rounds None
Erik Pielstick Southern California 8 rounds
Damaris Prieto Tarheel East 8 rounds None
Kelsey Rain Purin Idaho Mountain River 8 rounds
Mallory Raugewitz Kansas Flint-Hills 8 rounds
Peter Rehani Northern Wisconsin 8 rounds
Devin Remley South Carolina 8 rounds
Christine Robb Pittsburgh 8 rounds
Ryan James Robinson Arizona 3 rounds None
Christopher Rogers Golden Desert 8 rounds
Tom Rollins Hire 8 rounds None
Angelique Ronald Taiwan None
Julie Roos Golden Desert 8 rounds
Anna Rose Colorado Grande 8 rounds
Michael Rutledge South Texas 8 rounds
Mike Ryter New England 8 rounds
Cate Sanazaro Eastern Missouri 8 rounds None
Mary Sarver South Texas 8 rounds None
Timothy M Scheffler Northern Wisconsin 8 rounds
Katie Scholz Central Minnesota 8 rounds
Jessy Schriefer Three Trails 8 rounds None
Gaby Scully Sierra 8 rounds
Frankie Sennat Hire 8 rounds None
Justin Shaw Utah-Wasatch 8 rounds None
Kari Shelkey Montana West None
May Shi East Los Angeles 8 rounds None
Hakeem Shibly Western Washington 8 rounds None
Katrese Skinner Gulf Coast 8 rounds
Jessica L Skordal Arkansas 8 rounds
Christopher Slaughter Florida Oceanfront 8 rounds
Angela Smith Rocky Mountain-North 8 rounds None
Milla Smith Sierra 8 rounds
Hannah Spell Heart Of America 8 rounds None
Chaz Stephens East Oklahoma 8 rounds
Keith Stevens South Oregon 8 rounds None
Sydney Stogel Heart Of Texas 8 rounds None
Adam Symonds North Oregon 8 rounds
Brandon Thornton Greater Illinois None
Greer Trefethen Montana East 8 rounds
Diane Wagener Western Slope 8 rounds
Gillian Wall Arkansas 8 rounds
Ben Wallek Sagebrush 8 rounds
Chuck Walts North Texas Longhorns 8 rounds
Jeri Willard Heart Of America 8 rounds
Chase Williams Taipei American School 2 rounds
Ed Williams Hire 8 rounds
Bryan Winn Gulf Coast 8 rounds
Laura Womack Tall Cotton 8 rounds None
Cyndy Woodhouse East Iowa 8 rounds
Jenny Zheng Colorado 8 rounds None