National Debate Coaches Association National Championship

2018 — Marist School, GA/US
Lincoln Douglas Paradigm List
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Greg Achten The Harker School 1 rounds
Jenny Achten The Harker School 1 rounds
Jonathan Alston Newark Science 5 rounds
Byron Arthur Holy Cross School 3 rounds
Carlos Astacio Newark Science 1 rounds
Kellyn Burke Dulles High School 3 rounds
vida chiri Newark Science 1 rounds
Connor Engel Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds None
Evan Engel Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Travis Fife Harvard-Westlake School 1 rounds
Eddie Fitzgerald Poly Prep Country Day School 5 rounds
Ursula Gruber New Trier High School 3 rounds
Chetan Hertzig Harrison 6 rounds
Scott Hood University 3 rounds
Jonathan Horowitz New Trier High School 4 rounds
Brent Huang Hire 6 rounds
Nadia Hussein Hire 6 rounds
Shunta Jordan Hire 1 rounds
Sheryl Kaczmarek Lexington HS 5 rounds
Tim Mahoney St. Mark's School of Texas 1 rounds
Emmiee Malyugina The Harker School 2 rounds
Gabriel Morbeck Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Jacob Nails Hire 6 rounds
Adesuwa Omoruyi Alief Taylor 6 rounds
Scott Phillips Harvard-Westlake School 1 rounds
Raffi Piliero Hire 6 rounds
Srivatsav Pyda Northwood High School 3 rounds
Chris Randall Greenhill School 4 rounds
Sukriti Rawal Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Connor Riano Dougherty Valley High School 6 rounds
Jay Rye The Montgomery Academy 3 rounds
Ekta Shah The Quarry Lane School 6 rounds
Elijah Smith Greenhill School 4 rounds
Nick Smith Apple Valley HS 6 rounds
Clay Stewart Hire 6 rounds
Oliver Sussman The Harker School 3 rounds
Jen Tarnowski St Pius X Catholic High School 2 rounds
Aaron Timmons Greenhill School 3 rounds
Jonathan Waters Marist School 6 rounds
Josh Weintraub Hire 4 rounds
Ed Williams Hire 1 rounds
Jamie Wills Cherokee HS 2 rounds
Gabi Yamout Hire 3 rounds
Lawrence Zhou The Harker School 1 rounds