The Bronco Bash

2023 — Phoenix, AZ/US

The Bronco Bash

Benefitting Saving Amy

March 17-18, 2023

Tournament Site

In-Person at Brophy College Preparatory (4701 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012)

Competition Events at this Tournament

This competition is for High School students only, though are hoping to open it up to Middle School students in future seasons.

Coaches should be the one preparing the team's entry.

Entry Restrictions: CX, LD, and PF Debaters will be allowed to double-enter in Congress and Speech.

Tournament event fees are: $25 per team, $5 for a solo event, and $10 for a partnered event.

Schools are limited to 6 entries in all Debate and Speech events, except in Congress where the limit is 8 entries.

We will offer the following Events:

Debate: Congressional Debate, Big Questions Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, & Policy Debate

Speech: Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Poetry Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, & Prose Interpretation

We are also excited to host Duo Improv! The rules for this partnered event are as follows:

  1. After being handed a prompt (Provided by the tournament and delivered to competition rooms by tournament officials) performers will have 3 minutes total to prepare and deliver a performance.

  2. Performers are welcome to consult with one another before starting their performance, but the 3 minute timer begins once they have read the prompt.

  3. The prompt will include a combination of a scenario and two lines. The performers can interpret the scenario however they would like, but must include the two lines from the prompt in the performance at some point in time.

  4. At 2:30, they will be given a 30 second warning and must stop at 3:00.

Congressional Debate

Congress legislation must be submitted as a pdf to by 3/3. If there are more than 10 items submitted, teams will ballot for the final docket. Please follow submission guidelines and use the supplied templates. Congressional Debate will start at 8:00 AM on Friday the 17th. All other debates will begin that afternoon at 3:30pm.

Hand-Made Trophies

Trophies at this tournament will be made in-house by Sophomore Bremer Kaprosy ('25) with the use of a water jet to cut the metal. See his initial designs here.

Benefitting Saving Amy

All tournament proceeds will be donated to Saving Amy, a local non-profit focused on empowering individuals and families in transitioning out of homelessness. You can see more of Saving Amy's work here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the tournament director Jim Welty (Email: