Blazer Vol Classic Debate

2021 — Online, GA/US

Update: We are excited to merge the Vol Classic and VSU Blazer Classic into one, more robust tournament. We are looking forward to having six rounds of IPDA debate with subsequent out rounds on Sunday. We have updated the listing to include our finalized schedule and the Sunday out round schedule.  

Welcome to the Blazer Vol Classic Debate Portion. We will be offering six prelim rounds of IPDA debate on Saturday with subsequent out rounds on Sunday. Currently, we are offering Novice, JV, and Varsity divisions of IPDA. There will be no fees for this tournament assuming you can cover all of your judging commitments. A judge covers two IPDA entries. If you are unable to cover your entries, a fee of $25 per uncovered debater will be charged. We look forward to seeing you online on Super Bowl weekend!

Schedule (all times in ET):

Opening Assembly: 9 AM 

R1: 9:15 AM

R2: 10:30 AM

12-1 Lunch

R3: 1:00 PM

R4: 2:30 PM

R5: 4:00 PM

R6: 5:30 PM

Awards - 9 AM ET
Out Round 1 - 9:30 AM ET

Out Round 2 - 11 AM ET

Out Round 3 (If needed) - 1:30 PM ET