Hunter Haunting

2017 — UT/US

Hunter Haunting

4200 south 5600 West, West Valley, Utah 84037


October 28th 2017

Dear Coaches and Speech & Debaters:

Please join us for Hunter Haunting.  I have really paired down this tournament compared to last year, while still offering all region events.  There will be 2 flights of speech events, so students can double enter speech events.  We will have two division of competition available: Open/Varsity and Novice.  Pertinent details are listed below, but please feel free to contact me with any additional information.  We hope to see you October 28th.

Checks for entry fees need to be mailed or brought to the tournament prior to the beginning of round one. Checks should be made out to Lone Peak High School and mailed to:

Hunter High School

Attention:  Jennifer Liddell

4200 south 5600 West, West Valley, Utah 84037


Debate Events

Novice/Open Lincoln Douglas

Novice/Open Public Forum

Novice/Open Congress (House & Senate)

Novice/Open Policy


Individual Events

Panel A                                                                                   Panel B

Combined Novice/Open Duo                                                  Novice/Open Oratory

Novice Extemp (Combined National and Foreign)                 Combined Novice/Open HI

Novice Impromptu                                                                  Combined Novice/Open DI

Open Foreign Extemp                                                             Open National Extemp

Open Impromptu                                                                    Combined Novice/Open SPAR


Tournament Schedule

Saturday, October 28th

7:30-8:15 am Registration/judges training (Library)

Individual Events                                             Debate Events                                                 Congress

8:30 Panel A RD 1                   8:30 LD/PF RD 1 Flight 1         8:30 CX Round 1                   8:30 Session 1

9:30 Panel B RD 1                    9:30 LD/PF RD 1 Flight 2         10:30 CX Round 2                 10:30 Session 2

10:30 Panel A RD 2                 10:30 LD/PF RD 2 Flight 1       1:00 CX Round 3                   1:00 Session 3

11:30 Panel B RD 2                  11:30 LD/PF RD 2 Flight 2

12:30 Panel A RD 3                 12:30 LD/PF RD 3 Flight 1

1:30 Panel B RD 3                    1:30 LD/PF RD 3 Flight 3


Lunch will be a challenge for double entered I.E. Competitors; all others have a built in time for lunch.

3:00 Awards


I have currently placed a cap of 4 entries per school on every event.  If there is a novice and an open in a given event, the school may bring 4 for each division.  If novice and open are combined, then regardless of how it is divided between novice and open, only 4 can register.  You are welcome to register more than the cap, but they will be waitlisted and added at the tournament directors discretion. 


We are planning to use online ballots. Please have your judges create a tabroom account and bring some kind of internet worthy device.  Judges will meet in the library. If we need to use our computers to register judges or have judges enter ballots, we will.  As spooky as our ballots used to be, I would really like to save a tree. Thanks!


Topics and Legislation

Open LD topic: Resolved: In the United States, national service ought to be compulsory.

Novice LD topic: Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.

PF topic: Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest.

Extemp topics: A list of questions will be released on this site by October 9th. Though many tournaments use the list provided by the NFHS, this will not be available for October. The topics released for this tournament will be created by the tournament director.

Congress legislation: A list of congress legislation will be released on this site on October 9th.


Jennifer Liddell


Hunter High Debate