Heart Of Texas District Tournament CANCELLED

2020 —

Heart Of Texas District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
Heart of Texas NSDA District Tournament
Hendrickson High School
Pflugerville, TX
Thu 4/9 Sat 4/11

School and Student Entry Information

If you have not submitted all NSDA points for your students, please do so at your earliest convenience in order to finalize your members and degrees on record for entry slots. Please fill all of your available slots so as to give the greatest number of students from our district the opportunity to qualify for NSDA Nationals. Additionally, remember that all of your students must be connected to the NSDA. You will not be able to register them until they are.
NOTE: Your members and degrees that are on record with NSDA 7 days prior to the district and congress tournaments will officially determine the number of available slots. All students participating in our district tournament must be registered on this Tabroom 2020 NSDA Heart of Texas District Tournament page.
1) Students may enter 2 individual events AND Congressional Debate.
2) Students may only do 1 of the following Debates: CX, PF, or LD.
3) Students in CX, PF, or LD may not enter individual events.
4) Students in Congressional Debate may not enter CX, PF, or LD.
5) Students may only enter 1 of the two extemporaneous speaking fields.
6) Coaches of a student who enters more than 1 event at the district tournament must complete the "Single Entry of Intent" form through the registration process PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF THE TOURNAMENT.
7) Keep in mind: Students may only enter 1 Main Event (LD, PF, CX, IX, USX, HI, DI, POI, DUO, INF, OO, WSD, BQ, Senate, and House) at the NSDA National Tournament.
Our district will offer Big Questions Debate for the second time. Entry into this tournament only conflicts with NSDA entry in that students who compete in Big Questions must prefer the other NSDA events over entry into Big Questions if they should qualify both to the National Tournament. Students may enter the maximum number of events (2 individual events + Congress OR 1 debate) AND Big Questions Debate. 
Entry slots for our NSDA district tournament are calculated by event. Each individual event counts as 1 slot and each team event counts as only 1 slot. A double-entered student counts as 2 slots.
The formula for calculating the number of entry slots for our district tournament is as follows:
Members         Number           Members         Number           Members         Numbers
& Degrees      of Entries         & Degrees       of Entries         & Degrees      of Entries
1-15                 4                      71-80               21                    181-200           34
16-20               6                      81-90               23                    201-230           35
21-30               10                    91-100             24                    231-260           37                   
31-40               12                    101-120           27                    261-300           38       
41-50               15                    121-140           29                    301-350           39       
51-60               16                    141-160           32                    351-400           40
61-70               18                    161-180           33                    401-500           42
                                                                                                 501-600         43
                                                                                 601+             44
In addition to the slots listed above, if a school has 2 entries in every NSDA event, who actually compete at the district tournament, that school may enter 2 bonus entries into the tournament, but not more than 4 in each event. There is an additional form to fill out on the NSDA website for bonus entries.
We are a Level 2 District. For all main events other than House or Senate, we will qualify 2 competitors or teams in each Main Event (and 1 in BQ) to the NSDA National Tournament if we have at least 4 entries in the event. We may earn a 3rd qualification spot if we have 30 team entries (PF / CX / DUO) or 38 solo entries. For House, we must have at least 16 students enter the tournament to qualify 2 competitors. If we reach 30 entries in the House (as we did last year), we will qualify 4 competitors. For the Senate, we must have 8 different schools compete to qualify 2 competitors.
For more information, consult the NSDA High School Unified Manual.