Florida Sunshine District Tournament

2019 — US

Florida Sunshine District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
Florida Sunshine District Congress
Pine View School
Osprey, FL
Sat 12/14 Sat 12/14
Florida Sunshine District IE/Debate
Paul R Wharton HS
Tampa, FL
Fri 3/27 Sat 3/28

NSDA Florida Sunshine District Tournament (Deb & IE) Invitation

Florida Sunshine NSDA District Tournament

Friday, March 27 – Saturday, March 28, 2020

Wharton High School

20150 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.

Tampa, FL  33647

Jennifer Bell, District Chair (jcbell764@gmail.com)


Event:  NSDA District Championship for IE and Debate

IE Events offered:  OO, DX, IX, DI, HI, DUO, POI, & INFO

Debate Events offered: PF, LD, Policy  


Reminder:  NSDA does not offer DEC as an event.



Entries:  Schools may enter up to 4 competitors/teams in each event. Schools may NOT enter more than their entry limit per NSDA (see Memberships and Fees attachment - REMINDER, students must be registered with the NSDA website in order to have their members and degrees counted toward your school).  Rules for each event can be found on the NSDA website.   


Students may double enter in IE and Debate. Students may NOT cross-enter in both extemporaneous events or both debate events. Students who enter a partnered event and an individual event must compete in the partnered event if qualified in both for nationals.  Students must compete fully in each event entered (no “sacrificial lambs”).    Please note that double-entry does necessitate a flexibility in the tournament schedule.


Please note that in order to send two qualifiers in any event, we must have AT LEAST 4 ENTRIES FROM AT LEAST 2 SCHOOLS. Please encourage your team to participate. 


Fees:  $15.00 per single student entry (not team); fees for double-entered students is $20.00. Meals are $5 for grab-and-go dinner on Friday night (Debate ONLY) and $15 for lunch on Saturday.  Head coaches' meals are free. All checks should be made out to FGCCFL, as the account takes care of both FGCCFL and NSDA business. If your school did not attend NSDA Congress in December, there is a $25 school fee as well.


Judge Quotas:  1:3 for IE, 1:2 for PF and LD, 1:1 for Policy.  Coaches should NOT place themselves in the judge pool as they will be used for elimination round panels.



February 8:  Registration opens.

All District Student of the Year nomination forms (can be found on the NSDA website)

March 20: This is the LAST day to enter NSDA points from any prior tournaments in case students need their 25 NSDA points.  Finalize all entries on TabRoom including students, events, real judge names, judge conflicts, and meal orders for Friday and Saturday.  TabRoom access will close at 8:00 p.m.


Entry Allotments:


Reminders:  The league maintains a zero tolerance policy for ALL cell phones and other electronics during rounds. If a cell phone is reported in any round the student/students will be automatically disqualified. This also applies to judges whose school will be charged a rule violation fee. All judges and competitors MUST use stopwatches to time rounds. Laptops are allowed in Extemp prep and Debate. Laptops must run on their own batteries and may NOT be connected to the Internet in any way.  In debate, students may consult evidence gathered prior to the debate but may not use the internet in round.


The burden of knowledge for tech rules or event rules falls to each coach in the district. Please be sure you know the NSDA rules and that your students and judges know the NSDA rules.


Tabbing Information for the NSDA Pilot for Tabbing District Tournaments can be found here:



Required Forms:  Coaches must print out the registration forms and the Single Entry Letter of Intent. Make sure they are signed by students, parents, and coaches. Bring them with you to registration.

Single-entry letter of intent can be accessed here:  


Student of the Year nomination form can be accessed here:  https://www.speechanddebate.org/student-of-the-year-nomination-form/

Coach of the Year nomination form can be accessed here:



World Schools Debate: At the time of registration, we will ask you for a list of students who would be interested in participating in WSD. The District Committee will select our district's participants. From the NSDA Unified Manual:

Methods to Select the World Schools District Team

Teams are comprised of three to five members from each district opting to participate. After the entire district tournament series (speech, debate, Congress) is complete, any student who competed at districts would be eligible for participation on the World Schools District Team.

A district has two options for selecting its members:

Option A – Districts may invite alternates to be on the team. To provide an objective method of selecting the team members, districts would do the following:

• Invite the highest point earners that are senior, 1st alternates to serve on the team.

• If a student turns down the opportunity, go to the next name on the list of senior, 1st alternates by merit points.

• If you get through all senior, 1st alternates, then go to senior, 2nd alternates by merit points.

• Keep working through the senior alternates (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.). If there are no seniors left, go to junior, 1st alternates by merit points, then sophomores, and then freshmen.

Option B – Any district participant would be given the opportunity to apply for consideration. The district would select a committee to examine the applications and make decisions to field the team.  In addition to the above criteria suggested in option A, the selection committee might also consider additional criteria, but are not bound to them:

• Give preference to applicants who are from schools that did not qualify to the National Tournament.

• Give preference to applicants from schools with fewer than three entries.

• Give preference to new schools to the district.

• Give preference to schools with new coaches in the district.


If a student wishes to be considered for WSD, s/he MUST INDICATE THIS FACT ON THE SINGLE ENTRY FORM.  Remember that partnered events like PFD, TD, and DUO take precedence. If BOTH partnered students would rather compete in WSD, and both are selected, then that is acceptable, but WSD spots may be limited, so competitors should not count on this option.


Remember that all interpretive events require an MLA formatted bibliography with your registration form. TabRoom requires titles and publication information. OO also requires a full text with highlighted quotes and a bibliography.


The FGCCFL Rules of Decorum for all students, coaches, and adults will be in effect.



(Rounds will move as quickly as possible, but double-entry makes schedules difficult.)

FRIDAY, March 27

Friday (Debate ONLY)

Registration 4:00 - 4:15 PM

Debate Round 1: start 4:45 

Grab-n-go during break

Debate Round 2: start 6:45

SATURDAY, March 28

IE Registration 8:00 AM


Debate Round 3 8:30 AM

Round 1 IE 9:00 AM


Debate Round  4                 10:15 AM

Round 2 IE 10:30 AM

LUNCH 11:45 AM


Round 3 IE 1:00 PM

Debate Round 5



Round 4 IE 3:00 PM

Debate Round 6 


Please note that additional paneled elimination rounds may be needed based on the number of entries in each event.


Awards ASAP