The Harker School Howard and Diana Nichols Invitational

2015 — CA/US


REGISTRATION AND FEES: Please complete your on-line registration no later than 6 p.m. (PST), September 18.   Please remember that we will begin allowing schools to enter teams above the entry caps on September 9 and we cannot guarantee there will be space available if you register after that date. All fees must be paid no later than tournament registration (see schedule). No refunds will be made for drops after 6 p.m. (PST), September 19.

Please make checks payable to "The Harker School". 

School Fee: $25
Varsity Public Forum Team: $80 per team 
Varsity Congressional Debate: $40 per entry
Novice Workshops: $20 per student
Novice PF Tournament: $40 per team
Observer Meal Pass (2 days): $20 per person


Varsity Public Forum - 1 judge for every two entries - $250 uncovered fee

Varsity Congressional Debate - 1 judge for every six entries - $150 uncovered fee

Novice Public Forum - 1 judge for every three entries - $90 uncovered fee

Observer fee/entourage fee: Please keep in mind that your entry fees cover meals during the event you are participating inTo defray costs of feeding students and judges, this year the entry fee for PF teams will cover meals for the two people debating and 1 judge/chaperone/parent/observer/coach per team/entry. Novice Workshop fees cover only the student registering. Any additional observers beyond these numbers will be charged a fee of $20 to offset our food costs. We will be using wristbands for access to each meal served on campus. The $20 fee will cover meals for both days for the observer.   No food will be sold at the tournament. All purchases must be made in advance!