A State Throwdown in J Town 4

2020 — Jonesboro, AR/US

A-State Events

Arkansas State University Event Descriptions

DDL Parli Limited

In honor of Dr. Dennis White, former Director of Debate at Arkansas State University, the Delta Debate League of Professional Debaters and the A-State Debate Team are proud to sponsor Parli Limited debate at the Throwdown IV tournament. Points in this event influence both individual and team sweepstakes awards. The Parli Limited Tournament Champion’s school will hold the DDL Traveling Trophy until the next Throwdown tournament.

Format basics and best practices for High Schools competitors:

  1. PL is a 2v2, 2v1, or 1v1 limited-prep debate event.
  2. A new resolution is debated each round; rounds begin 30 minutes after the resolution is announced.
  3. Resolutions in PL tend to be chosen from topic areas relating to sci-fi/fantasy culture or fringe technology; affirmative interpretations may be literal or metaphorical.
  4. The Affirmative’s job is to support the resolution by offering and defending a topical advocacy statement or policy action based on the resolution or by offering contentions that support the text of the resolution. The Negative’s job is to negate the resolution, the Affirmative interpretation of the resolution, or both.
  5. Competitors are expected to keep their rate of speech at a rate that is inclusive. Failure to respond to a legitimate speed call from either a judge or another competitor will be accounted for in the judging process. Clarity is expected. Competitors are expected to maintain a clear rate of speech. Failure to respond to legitimate clear calls will be accounted for in the judging process.
  6. No printed evidence or internet use in round.
  7. Speech times are:

5 minute PM constructive

      2 minute NEG flex*

7 minute LO constructive

      2 minute AFF flex*

6 minute MG constructive

      1 minute NEG flex*

6 minute MO constructive

3 minute LO rebuttal

      1 minute AFF flex*

5 minute PM rebuttal

* Flex time may be used in a variety of ways (i.e. asking questions, preparing arguments, flipping pens, organizing notes, etc.)










The Performance Rhetoric & Oratory Society of A-State is proud to host the Spoken Word Poetry event at Throwdown IV! Points in this event influence both individual and team sweepstakes awards.


  1. Entries may be individual, duet, or teams of three. Teams may have no more than three members.
  2. Each poet/team must perform their own original work produced by a team member. Students should avoid content that may be deemed inappropriate; the safe bet is that if it would be inappropriate for a traditional IE, it should not be included in this event.
  3. Competitors are NOT required to perform the same piece each round, but all pieces must be approved by their supervising teacher/coach prior to competition.
  4. Competitors may use the space in their immediate stage environment. Competitors may also use a chair, table, and/or podium (if available). No musical instruments, singing, or pre-recorded music allowed. No costumes or other props allowed.

5.    Performances, whether solo or team, should be between 2:50 and 3:10 minutes. Judges will stop any performance that exceeds 3:30 minutes by saying, "Your time is up. Thank you."

  1. All performances, whether solo or team, will be given 1 score, which will be determined using a rubric provided by the tournament.


  1. There will be 3 rounds: 1 preliminary elimination with up to 18 competitors, 1 preliminary elimination with up to 12 competitors, and 1 final round with up to 6 competitors.
  2. When competitors enter a round, they should provide the judge(s) with a card that has their name(s), school code, and title of their piece.
  3. When a team takes the stage, competitor(s) should say their name(s) and school code(s). A judge will respond by announcing the competitor(s) name(s) and the title of their piece.
  4. At the end of each round, judges will fill out their ballots, complete the scoring, rank each competitor, and return the ballot to the ballot table.
  5. NOTE: The appropriate method of applause is to offer snaps, rather than claps or knocks. Limited audience vocalizations to show approval are normal; judges should intervene by raising a hand if the audience becomes disruptive. If a judge raises his or her hand, audience members should immediately become silent.











The Performance Rhetoric & Oratory Society of A-State is proud to host the Advocacy in Art event at Throwdown IV! Points in this event DO NOT influence sweepstakes awards.



1.     Pre-registration for this event is not necessary. The event is free.

2.     All submissions must be original artwork, designed and produced by an eligible student competitor.

3.     All submissions must be turned in at the tournament site by 8:15am on Saturday, March 7th; all art will remain on display until the awards ceremony. Additional information provided at the tournament.

4.     Along with the artwork, submit a separate sheet of paper that includes:

a.     Title, artist name, classification, & school

b.     One-paragraph summary/explanation of the advocacy or argument expressed in the piece

5.     Submissions must meet the following criteria:

a.     Submissions may be any visual artwork (painting, photo, sculpture, etc.) and no larger than 24” x 24” x 24”.

b.     Submissions must be able to be evaluated from one forward-facing direction.

c.     Submissions must communicate a discernable argument and/or advocacy.

6.     Submissions will be scored by A-State students & faculty; awards will go to the top 3 competitors.