1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy

2020 — College Park, GA/US


We will continue our tradition of providing exceptional hospitality to all of our guests.



Adults (coaches and judges who have graduated from high school) are welcome to enjoy our well-stocked coaches' lounge (located in Gresham Chapel) throughout the tournament. In addition to a full range of snacks and refreshments (including breakfast items on Saturday morning), we will provide three delicious catered meals. 

High School Students (including students serving as judges) will again be provided with complimentary meals in the Middle School Cafeteria. We will retain our upgraded student menu from last year. 


Coaches/Adult Judges Menu

Friday Dinner: Cafe Bombay Indian dinner

Saturday Breakfast: Einstein Brothers bagels

Saturday Lunch: Willy's Mexicana taco bar

Saturday Dinner: Fox Bros. BBQ


Students/Student Judges Menu

Friday Dinner: Pizza

Saturday Breakfast: Einstein Brothers bagels

Saturday Lunch: Willy's Mexicana burritos

Saturday Dinner: Jimmy John's sub sandwiches 


Vegan options will be available for all meals. Abundant snacks will also be available throughout the tournament for both adults and students. 



All guests will also be provided with a free shuttle service between the tournament hotel and Woodward on Friday and Saturday. If you stay at the tournament hotel, you do not need to rent a vehicle — a huge cost savings that we provide to all of our guests. Please see the schedule page for more information about the timing and location of the shuttle.