OCSL Open Northwood

2019 — Irvine, CA/US

Congress Legislation

 A Resolution to Prioritize the Replacement of Traffic Light Intersections with Roundabouts

WHEREAS, Personal vehicles account for one-fifth of all US carbon emissions,producing 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases per gallon;

and WHEREAS, Oil-related emissions are increasing as the industry increases extraction and refinement of alternate oil sources;

and WHEREAS, Avoiding unnecessary oil emissions can be a small step towards a larger solution;

and WHEREAS, Roundabout intersections reduce idling time of vehicles, decreasing emissions;

and WHEREAS, Intersections converted to roundabouts are able to reduce vehicle accidents and injuries stemming from those accidents;

and WHEREAS, The construction of a roundabout is more cost effective than a traditional traffic light intersection; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the Congress here assembled that future federal infrastructure prioritize the replacement of traffic light intersections with roundabouts.


A Resolution to Aid Venezuelas Government with Their Ongoing Economic Crisis

WHEREAS, The United States has only mandated humanitarian aid to the people and not the government;

and WHEREAS, Other institutions in the international community have mandated funds in order to solve the ongoing crisis like the European Commission which has given $47 million to the Venezuelan government;

and WHEREAS, Venezuelans are now fleeing the country to other bordering nations in Latin America causing a potential refugee crisis;

and WHEREAS, This is straining the economies of other Latin American countries;

and WHEREAS, The U.S. has mandated aid to governments of the developing world in the past and it is now Venezuela’s turn; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the Congress here assembled that the United States should give economic aid to the Venezuelan government in order to help their ongoing economic crisis.


A Resolution to Abolish Plea Bargaining in the United States

WHEREAS, More than 90% of court cases end in plea bargain;

and WHEREAS, According to a University of Michigan study, African Americans and Latinos are less successful at getting their sentences reduced via plea bargain;

and WHEREAS, When compared with their white peers, people of color end up facing longer prison sentences for lesser crimes;

and WHEREAS, Even if they are innocent, too often defendants plead guilty without fully understanding their legal rights; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the Congress here assembled that the United States should abolish plea-bargaining.