College Prep LD Invitational

2018 — Oakland, CA, CA/US

Judge Requirements

Schools are required to provide one judge for every three debaters or fraction thereof. All schools are required to provide judges through the first FULL elimination round or one round beyond the elimination of their competitors, whichever comes later. You must provide judge names by Friday, December 14. All entries not covered by judges after this point will be charged judging fees. We need to do this in order to allow us to hire an adequate pool of experienced judges for the tournament.

Schools may provide varsity debaters as judges to cover Novice division entries at the discretion of the tournament director. Student judges will be held to high standards of conduct. Student judges who behave inappropriately will be removed from the judging pool and their schools will be responsible for judging fees for any missed rounds. You must indicate if a judge is a current student when you enter that judge’s name.

We care about our judging pool. Because of this, we request information on all of the judges you provide. Please indicate competitive and judging experience for all judges. For the varsity division, if you cannot provide experienced judges, please plan to pay judging fees instead. We’ll be happy to hire great judges to cover your entry, and you’ll be happy with the quality of the judging pool.