Mills Halloween Forensics and Debate Tournament

2018 — Little Rock, AR/US

Need To Know


* Bring as many competitors as you wish, but we need you to bring an available judge for every 6 IE competitors, and every 4 debate entries, an additional fee of $10 per slot will be assessed for each unfulfilled obligation.

* Each individual entry requires a $10 fee and team entries are $20

* Every school will be assessed a $25 school registration fee

* We cannot accept personal checks. We will accept cash or printed check from your school. Checks should be made out to Mills High School.

* If your fees are “in the mail”, please have an email from your bookkeeper verifying processing of payment. It took some schools 3 months last year for the fees to come in, and this has to change. Please pay up front if possible.

Concessions: A hospitality judges/coaches lounge and student concessions will be available throughout the tournament!

Bathrooms: Several unisex, gender non-specific bathrooms will be available for student use during the tournament.

Lodging: For travelers who need accommodations, we recommend you arrive early Friday afternoon to check in.


Standards of Conduct for Students, Judges and Coaches

We hold your students best interest in our best interest. To give them the most safe, beneficial and empowering competitive experience, we ask that you and your students do the following:

  • Refrain from negative, non-constructive criticism of students, judges and coaches at all times, in rounds and in passing
  • Any issues of student concerns of discrimination, unfairness, and/or bullying should be taken to their coach, and to tournament ombudsman as soon as possible.
  • No tobacco, drug, alcohol possession or use on Mills’ campus by anyone
  • Follow all registration and entry guidelines listed on Tabroom
  • All judges must read and sign an ACTAA judge's agreement and watch an informative video on judging a certain event.
  • Competitors and judges must leave the competition rooms as clean or cleaner than how they found it
  • Absolutely no audio/video recording of any round or event whatsoever
  • ACTAA ethics standards will be strictly enforced. Direct all incidents and areas of concern to the tournament ombudsman, or highest ranking ACTAA member on site.