National Speech and Debate Season Opener hosted by UK

2018 — KY/US

Building and Location Information

3. Buildings:

PF/LD/Congress---White Hall Classroom Building (CB), Patterson Office Tower (POT), Gatton Business and Economics (B&E), Anderson Tower (AT), Lucile Little Library (LCLI)

Policy--Funkhouser Building (FB), Don and Cathy Jacobs Science (DCJ), Chem-Phys (CP), Kastle Hall, Erickson Hall

Speech--Patterson Hall (not to be confused with the Office Tower).

There is a campus map that highlights all the buildings on the frontpage of tabroom. 

4. Lunch locations:

Lunch is provided to students as part of the entry fee. Lunch will serve at Patterson Hall 1st floor for Speech entries, White Hall 3rd floor for PF/Congress/LD entries and Funkhouser 1st floor for Policy entries.


5. Tabrooms and Hospitality rooms:
Policy Tab--Funk 213, Hospitality Room--Funk 200

PF/LD/Congress Tab--CB 331, Hospitality Room--CB 347

Speech Tab--Patterson 106, Hospitality Room--Patterson 105