Classical Academy HS Invitational

2019 — Escondido, CA/US


The Classical Academy High School Debate Program cordially invites you to the 

First Annual Classical Academy HS Invitational 

August 24th, 2019

Classical Academy High School, Escondido CA

Events and Divisions: This is a one-day tournament for varsity Lincoln Douglas and Parliamentary teams. Our goal is to create the most positive and enjoyable experience for all of the participants. We recommend that you enter at the earliest possible date, as we do have limited space and an entry cap. All entries must be submitted on the website. Please do not email or call in entries - they cannot be accepted. Registration will take place on Saturday morning at CAHS between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. Postings will be at 7:50 a.m. with the first round starting at 8:00 a.m.  The two highest seeded teams in each event will break to a final round. There will speaker awards for the top five speakers in each open event, and the top three teams will also receive an award.

Entry Procedure and Fees: All tournament entry will be handled through the site:

Adds: The priority add deadline is Monday, July 29th, 2019. After this date, we will start moving entries off the waitlist from schools that have reached their entry cap.

Drops: Drops may be made without penalty until Wednesday, August 14th, at 11:59 PM. Any drops after this second deadline will still be charged the regular entry fee.

Judges: Judge Registration deadline is Wednesday, August 14th at 11:59 PM. Please note that we will be printing invoices on Thursday. If you do not have judges registered by this deadline, you will be charged for missing/hired judges regardless of whether or not you bring additional judges to the tournament. We will need Thursday to finalize our hired judges. Entry fees must be paid at registration. Make checks payable to the Classical Academy High School ASB. Please put DEBATE in the Memo line.

Cost Breakdown Per Team:

Open Parliamentary Debate: $40.00

Open LD Debate: $30.00

Lodging: We do not have recommended lodgings; if anyone needs assistance, please email us as we are happy to help.  Also, if you have an attendee who needs physical accommodation, please notify us directly at so we can provide it.

Judge Requirements: All judges entered may be required to judge up to 5 rounds. There will be a fine of $75 for each round the judge does not timely pick up their ballot. Schools that enter participants in Parliamentary must provide one judge for every debate team entered. Lincoln Douglas competitors must provide one judge per competitor. Note: if a school has debate entries, it is expected that they will provide qualified debate judges. Judges will only count toward a school commitment if they have a linked account. Because there are 4 rounds with a single elimination round, all judges must be available to judge the final rounds.

Missing Judges: Schools can choose to hire judges at $75.00 per round. If your school needs to hire judges, please indicate this on prior to the judge registration deadline. Schools who cannot meet their judge commitment by the deadline will be charged $75 per round per missing judge. Fees for missed judge commitments during the tournament will be collected before final round pairings are announced.  

Lost items and designated areas:  There will be a designated location for people to turn in lost items. The Classical Academies and affiliated groups are not liable for the damage or loss of personal property. We will publish a list of gender-neutral restrooms on campus. No smoking is allowed anywhere on campus grounds. There are three convenient exits, and we will provide maps that show designated exits. Competitors, judges and coaches are welcomed guests, and by attending the tournament, all agree to abide by the rules of the school and tournament for everyone's benefit. 

We wish you good luck and safe travels,

Brandon West

Director of Speech and Debate


Classical Academy High School


 Jake Melton

Assistant Director of Speech and Debate

Classical Academy High School