Tournament of Champions

2018 — Lexington, KY/US

Friday Registration Details

Hello all,


We hope your final preparations are going well and look forward to hosting you in Lexington this weekend. The weather is suppose to be very nice. I wanted to go over details relating to Friday registration.


Registration will take place in the Campbell House Hotel's Paddock Room from 7 to 9PM on Friday APril 27th. If you walk into the front doors this room is off to the left past the front desk. 


Team Pictures---We will once again have a setup that allows your team to take a team photo. This setup will also be around during the tournament in various locations and on Monday. 


Here is what we are looking for at registration:

1. Checking in and confirming which adult is in charge of your contingent over the weekend.

2. Resolve any unpaid balances.

3. Check in with each tabroom you have an entry in to confirm your judges' contact information and confirm their conflicts are entered properly.

4. Pick up participant awards and programs.


It is very important that everyone take the time to enter conflicts properly. Language for the events can be found here: . If you have new relationships due to college recruiting especially, please double check those are entered. Those are late breaking in nature and have caused problems in the past. This is the most likely thing to derail the schedule by causing a repair. 


For those who arrive in Lexington after 9PM:

You need to send me ( an email. Subject line: Name of School--Remote TOC Registration. In it you need to provide:

1. Adult in charge + phone number
2. Confirm your judges' phone numbers in tabroom are still accurate.
3. Confirm your judges' conflicts by listing them by name of the judge in the email. No conflicts is an acceptable answer to this. 

If you have a balance to be paid by check you can find me on the 2nd floor of the White Hall Classroom Building most times on Saturday and drop it off. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.