1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy

2018 — Atlanta, GA/US


The entry fees for the tournament will be $110 per policy entry and $55 per LD entry. Fees include complimentary meals for students and judges.

We are lucky to be able to run our tournament as a "break even" venture; unfortunately, that does necessitate a small increase in entry fees for 2018.

Hired judges are $300 each in both LD divisions and Second Year Policy. Hired judges for First Year Policy are $200. Hires cover two policy teams (or fraction thereof) or three LD debaters (or fraction thereof). If you have a hire covering only First Year Policy, email maggiekb@gmail.com and we will adjust your invoice.

We do not make any money from hired judging fees — your fee goes directly to pay, house, and feed the judge we hire to cover your entry. We cannot give refunds for hired judges after a request has been approved. We would much rather have your judges than your money.

Please make checks payable to "Woodward Academy Debate" and bring to registration or mail in advance to:

Woodward Academy

ATTN: Maggie Berthiaume / Debate

1662 Rugby Avenue

College Park, GA 30337