Northern Illinois District Tournament

2018 — Northbrook, IL/US

Northern Illinois District Qualifier

for the 2018 National Tournament
Glenbrook North
Northbrook, IL
Northbrook, IL
Sat 3/3 Sun 3/4 LD CX PF
Glenbrook North
Sat 3/3 Sat 3/3 HOU SEN

Judge Requirements/Rules

Judge Requirements
Please remember that all judges must be available to judge for the entire tournament even if your school is no longer competing on Sunday. 
1 judge per 8 entries - judges must be clean
# of judges required
One judge per one policy entry is required and that judge has to have judged at least ten varsity debate rounds. If a judge is precluded from judging more than two schools in the district, they can only fulfill half a judge commitment at the district tournament.


"Clean judge" definition

A clean judge is a judge who has not coached a team in the past or present that he/she is currently judging. If the judge was hired by the school for the purpose of fulfilling a judging commitment, then that judge is still considered clean and can judge that school unless they also coached students during his/her capacity as a hired judge.

1 judge per two teams.

All individuals used to fulfill a school's judging requirements must have graduated from high school over one year prior to the date of competition and meet one of the following criteria:

a. Debated at least five tournaments at the Varsity level in the entered division.

b. Judged at least 10 Varsity rounds in Illinois in the entered division.


In general, judges should be specifically trained for the division they are judging in and are expected to take careful "flows"/notes of arguments made throughout the debate. Judges are expected to write a thorough ballot, explaining a reason for decision that is grounded in specific arguments in the debate. Oral critiques are acceptable, but do not replace a thoroughly completed ballot.


Coaches are responsible for verifying that their judges meet the criteria. Schools which fail to provide the required number of judges in accordance with their entries shall be subject to disqualification of one (1) Lincoln-Douglas/Public Forum (team) contestant per missing judge in that event.

If you believe you have a judge that does not meet the above criteria but should be eligible to judge please email the district committee to ask for a wavier. The committee will consider these requests, but cannot promise those judges will be allowed to judge. 
Every school must bring 1 judge. Please try to bring a "clean" judge - that is a judge that has no conflicts from any school at the tournament
In addition to providing 1 judge, each speech school who enters students in the tournament will be required to pay a communal judge hiring/entry fee depending on how many entries that school is bringing to allow the district to hire enough clean judges to run the tournament. 
1-5 Entries= $200
6-10 Entries = $275
11+ Entries = $400
This is a slightly different structure than past years, but it is what the district committee believes needs to happen in order to be able to hire enough judges to run the tournament without bankrupting the district. 
Once your speech entry numbers are accurate, please email me at so I can add this fee to your invoice so you can bring an accurate check to registration.