Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin

2017 — Sherman Oaks, CA/US

Preliminary Tournament Schedules

**Note Preliminary schedule is subject to change based on final registration numbers, etc. 

Preliminary LD Schedule

Saturday, November 4th (at Harvard-Westlake Upper School)


2:00pm - Arrive on campus

3:00pm - Round 1

5:00pm - Round 2


Sunday, November 5th (at Harvard-Westlake Upper School)

8:00am - Round 3

10:30am - Round 4

1:00pm - Round 5

3:30pm - Round 6

6:00pm - Awards

6:15pm – Varsity Partial Doubles (Single Flight)/Novice Quarters (Single Flight)

7:30pm – Novice Semis (Single Flight)

8:30pm – Novice Finals (Single Flight)


Monday, November 6th (at Tournament Hotel – Marriott Courtyard Sherman Oaks)

8:00am – Varsity Octas (Double Flight)

11:00pm – Varsity Quarters

12:30pm – Varsity Semis

2:30pm – Varsity Finals

Preliminary Policy Schedule

Saturday, November 4th  (at Notre Dame)

9am - Round 1

11am - Round 2

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Round 3

5pm - Round 4

Sunday, November 5th (at Notre Dame)

8am - Round 5

11am - Round 6/Novice Elim #1

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm – Awards in Gym

2:15pm - Varsity Double Octos/Novice Elim #2

5pm - Varsity Octos/Novice Elim #3

Monday, November 6th (Marriott Courtyard Sherman Oaks)

8am Varsity Quarters

11am Varsity Semis

2pm Varsity Finals 

Preliminary WSDC Schedule


Sunday, November 5th  (at Notre Dame)

8am Judge Training/Announce Impromptu Motion in ND Lecture Hall

9:15am Round #1 Impromptu 

10:30am Round #2 Prepared 

12pm Lunch 

1pm Announce Round 3 Impromptu Motion in ND Lecture Hall

2:15pm Round #3 Impromptu

3:30pm Round #4 Prepared 

5pm Finals Teams Announced and Finals Impromptu Motion Announced in ND Lecture Hall

6pm Finals Impromptu in ND Lecture Hall

7pm WSD Awards in ND Lecture Hall (directly following finals)