Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2017 — Northbrook and Glenview, IL/US

Hired Judge Policy


A limited number of judges are available for hire through the tournament.

Hired Judge Fee - $225 per half-time committed Policy or Public Forum team  OR per each uncovered Lincoln-Douglas debater.  $450 for full time judge for VCX, VLD, or PF.   Full judge fee of $450 to hire a judge for uncovered IE entries or Congress entries.

Please note the restrictions on hiring judges before completing registration:

 1. A school can only hire judging after it has fulfilled its initial obligation in each judging pool (see invitation). A school cannot hire its entire commitment in any pool - no exceptions!  Here is a list of the separate pools as defined by the Glenbrooks tournament directors for the purposes of assessing judging commitment:

 a) Varsity Policy

 b) JV Policy

 c) Novice Policy 

 d) Varsity and JV LD combined

 e) Congress

 f) All IE categories combined

 g) Public Forum combined


This breakdown means that you must have at least one half-time committed judge in each of the debate pools in which you have entered and at least one full-time IE judge for any IE entries.  After providing these initial judges, you can opt to hire any further judging commitments from the tournament in each of these pools. For example, if you have 2 varsity policy teams you must provide at least one judge to fill a half-time commitment in varsity policy. After providing this one half-time judge, you can opt to hire another half-time judge for $225 in the varsity policy pool. In the LD pool, a school must first provide at least one half-time committed judge for either the varsity or JV division; then it can hire the rest of its commitment in varsity and JV LD.  For further clarification in LD, each uncovered LD debater will require a $225 judge fee; meaning if a school has three LD debaters entered and provides one halftime judge, a school will owe $450 for cover the rest of the LDers.


2. No school within 250 miles may hire any judges from the tournament. 


No hired judges will be available after October 28th at 5pm CT.  If you intend to hire judges, please make sure you request one by October 28th.  Please email Jon at to request a hired judge.


There are no refunds for hired judges - even if a school drops its entries before the drop deadline. We hire the judges when you request it.


If you are interested in hiring out for rounds past your commitment in VCX or VLD ($30 to $40 a round), please contact Jon at