Tournament of Champions

2024 — Lexington, KY/US

Event Helplines

Email Helpline:
Please review all tournament documentation before submitting a help ticket and refrain from contacting tournament staff via their personal email or phone number. Any issues must be reported via the designated event helpline in order to receive a response!

Congressional Debate:

Extemp Prep:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

Policy Debate:

Public Forum Debate:

Speech Events:

World Schools Debate:

Email Subject:
Please use the following email subjects, as applicable for your inquiry.

Missing Participant – Judge or competitor absent from round

Tab Issue – Any issues related to pairings, judges, e-ballots, etc.

Ombuds Issue – Procedural questions or concerns, including inquiries about filing a petition with the Ombuds Office

Equity Issue – Equity questions or concerns related to harassment and discrimination, including inquiries about filing a petition with the Equity Office

Email Content: Please include the following information in the body of your email.

Your Full Name

Your Phone Number

Your Competition Event

Your Institutional Affiliation

Your Role (e.g. Coach, Judge, Competitor)

Round + Flight (If Applicable) + Room Number

Brief Description of Issue(s)