31st Annual Stanford Invitational

2017 — Stanford, CA/US

Waitlist Status

Interest in the 2017 Stanford Invitational is up SIGNIFICANTLY over prior years! As a result, the waitlists are longer than ever and it is unlikely that we'll be able to clear everyone currently on the waitlist.


Only teams with their judging obligation fulfilled (either by supplying the necessary judging or having a hire request approved) will be cleared if space is available. If an entry is numerically in line to enter the tournament but the judging is not filled we will need to skip over that entry.


Here is the link to the waitlist status spreadsheethttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NWKILMJBlltQZBUPnrJMcGhkOZTcjNchZNa7ZSiVryQ/edit?usp=sharing