The 41st Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum

2023 — Nashville, TN/US

Tournament Schedule

The 42nd Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum

++++All Times Central Standard Time (CST)++++

++++All events located on the MBA campus++++

Friday January 5, 2024

10:00AM Opening Assembly

10:30AM Round One pairing release

11:00AM Round One start time

1:15PM Round One decision time

1:00PM Lunch in MBA Dining Hall

2:00PM Round Two pairing release

2:30PM Round Two start time

4:45PM Round Two decision time

5:00PM Round Three pairing release

5:30PM Round Three start time

7:45PM Round Three decision time

Saturday January 6, 2024

9:00AM Light breakfast on campus

9:30AM Round Four pairing release

10:00AM Round Four start time

12:15PM Round Four decision time

12:00PM Lunch (adults in Zimmerman Hall, students in Dining Hall)

1:00PM Round Five pairing release

1:30PM Round Five start time

3:45PM Round Five decision time

4:00PM Round Six pairing release

4:30PM Round Six start time

6:45PM Round Six decision time

Sunday January 7, 2024

9:00AM Awards Assembly, Light breakfast on campus

9:30AM Octafinal pairing release

10:00AM Octafinal start time

12:15PM Octafinal decision time

12:00PM Lunch

12:30PM Quarterfinal pairing release

1:00PM Quarterfinal start time

3:15PM Quarterfinal decision time

3:30PM Semifinal pairing release

4:00PM Semifinal start time

6:15PM Semifinal decision time

6:30PM Final pairing release

7:00PM Final start time

9:15PM Final decision time