GGSA Debate 2 Congress and Parliamentary

2023 — Danville, CA/US

Food Offerrings

For Judges and Coaches: Complimentary refreshments and lunch courtesy of GGSA and San Ramon HS! Our way of thanking you for your time and services!!

Concessions Menu (Food by Primo’s/Chick-Fil-A):

*Bagels/Donuts $2.00

*Soda/Water $2.00

*Chick-fil-a 8 piece nuggets $8.00

*Big slice of Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni ) $4.00

*Gluten-free pasta $7.00

*Mac and Cheese $

*Cesar Salad $7.00

*Cesar salad with chicken $8.00

*Chips $2.00

*Candy $2.00