Athens TFA and UIL Two step Friday TFA

2023 — Athens, TX/US

Tournament Schedule

8:30am-9:45am Registration. Registration will be in the hub outside the secondary offices. There will be signs guiding you upon entry.

8:45am Extemp Draw - Large Group Instruction Room

9:15am Pattern A of Individual Events including Duo and Duet Acting

10:15 am Debate Round 1, except for Congress and Pattern B of Individual Events

10:45 Congressional Debate Prelims.

12:15pm Debate Round 2 and Pattern B of Individual Events Semis (Or Round 2)

2:00 pm Extemp Draw for Semis - Large Group Instruction Room

2:30 pm Pattern A Round 2 or semis, along with Duo and Duet

3:30 pm Debate Round 3 (Power Matched), Congressional Debate Finals (until 5:45pm)

4:00 Pattern B Individual Events Finals, along with Duo or Duet

5:15 pm Extemp Draw for Finals in the Large Group Instruction Room.

5:45pm Extemp and all other IE Pattern 1 Final Rounds and Debate Challenge in Tab..

All debate eliminations will proceed as soon as any cross entering conflicts are resolved.

This schedule will accelerate if efficiency permits. Watch for tabroom notifications.