Bellaire TOC Public Forum

2023 — Bellaire, TX/US

Credit Card Payment


You can pay for entry fees via

1. Create an account.

2. For school district please type Houston Independent School District and for school choose Bellaire High School.

3. When you get to student name put Karis Chen...that is the name of one of the kids on my squad...the money won't be going to the student, SchoolPay is set up for payments on behalf of students...the money will go directly into our Debate activity account.

4. You would then choose Bellaire Debate - Sponsorship and Tournament Entry Add to Cart.

5. Enter amount you are paying and then click Check Out at the bottom of the page.

6. Enter your payment information.

7.EmailNewBellaireDebate@gmail.comto let me know the date and time you made your payment along with your school name so I can reconcile monies received via SchoolPay.

8. I will enter payments received on your page of our tournament. Please be patient...I will probably receive a report once a week from my financial department.