2nd Annual Season Championship

2023 — Online, US

About Equality in Forensics

Equality in Forensics is a student-run nonprofit organization that provides free and online resources to make speech and debate more accessible to students, educators, and coaches across America. We host a regularly updated blog, produce free and online resources, sponsor free coaching services, and host fantastic events.

Equality in Forensics was founded in December of 2021 by four students who experienced the fantastic benefits of speech and debate, observed the inequality prevalent throughout forensics, and saw a lack of action. We decided to take the initiative, and founded Equality in Forensics to make speech and debate more accessible to students across the country.

Hosting free, online tournaments is a central focus of Equality in Forensics. These events allow competitors from across the country to debate, network, and improve free of charge.

Want to reach out to us? Email us here: equalityinforensics@gmail.com

Read more about Equality in Forensics on our website.