WolfCub Invitational

2023 — Claremont, CA/US

Congress Legislation

WolfCub Invitational Student Congress Legislation

A Resolution to Secure Lasting Indigenous Sovereignty

1. Whereas the US Government has a long history of taking control of land from

2. indigenous peoples, and

3. Whereas the loss of lands and resources has contributed to the cycles of poverty

4. among indigenous communities, and

5. Whereas much of the land taken by the USFG still remains in Federal possession

6. Is managed by various federal agencies, and

7. Whereas Indigenous peoples have never be compensated for their loss of their

8. Original tribal homelands.

9. Therefore Be It Resolved By This Student Congress that the USFG develop a

10. Multi-agency task force with the purpose of negotiating a phased LandBack policy

11. In order to return Federally controlled and managed lands to indigenous peoples.

A Resolution to Promote America’s STEM workforce

1. Whereas, with recent technological advancements in the field of Artificial

2. Intelligence (AI), the American workforce is becoming increasingly dependent

3. on cutting-edge AI technology, and

4. Whereas, millions of new job in a variety of sectors will require new skills and

5. training in AI, and

6. Whereas, current educational infrastructure does not support the training and

7. skill development required to meet the needs of this changing workforce, and

8. Whereas, for American workers to remain competitive and relevant in the

9. changing workforce It becomes a necessity to prepare the emerging workforce.

10 with increased emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

11. (STEM) in the U.S. education system.

12. Therefore Be It Resolved By This Student Congress that a $50 billion STEM

13. Education Initiative be implemented by the US Department of Education over the

14. next seven years.

A Resolution to Ban Genetically Modified Agriculture Imports

1. Whereas foreign food producers are increasing the production of genetically modified

2. plants and animals produced for human consumption, and

3. Whereas much of the genetic engineering of plant and animal food products is driven

4. by desire for corporate profit and safety is not always considered, and

5. Whereas many foreign agriculture products are genetically engineered without any

6. government regulation or oversight, and

7. Whereas the USFG cannot guarantee the quality and safety of these genetically

8. engineered imported food products,

9. Therefore Be It Resolved that the USFG ban the import and sale of all foreign

10. genetically engineered plant and animal food products.

A Bill to Require a 21-Day Waiting Period for the

Purchase of any Firearm


2. SECTION 1: All purchases of firearms within the United States and US

3. territories are hereby subject to a 21-day waiting period before firearm ownership

4. officially transfers.

5. SECTION 2: During this 21-Day waiting period the Federal Bureau of Alcohol,

6. Tobacco and Firearms will work with appropriate local agencies to conduct a

7. criminal background and Red-Flag check on all firearm purchases.

8. SECTION 3: This requirement applies to all sales and transfers of licensed

9. Gun dealers and also to all private sales of firearms.

10. SECTION 4: These new requirements are overseen by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol,

11. Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

12. SECTION 5: This legislation will take effect January 1, 2024

A Joint Resolution to Amend the Constitution

to Lower the National Voting Age to 16

(Sponsored by Congresswoman Grace Meng)

1. Resolved by this Student Congress here assembled (two-thirds of each House

2 concurring therein), That the following article is proposed as an amendment to the

3. Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part

4. of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States

5. within seven years after the date of its submission for ratification:

6. Article —

7. SECTION 1. The twenty-sixth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United

8. States is hereby repealed.

9. SECTION 2. The right of citizens of the United States, who are sixteen years of age or

10. older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on

11. account of age.

12. SECTION 3. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate

13. legislation.