Great Salt Lake District Tournament

2023 — UT/US

Great Salt Lake District Qualifier

for the 2023 National Tournament
Speech @ Skyline
Skyline High School
Salt Lake City, UT
Sat 2/11 Sat 2/11 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Congress @ Skyline
Skyline High School
Salt Lake City, UT
Thu 2/16 Fri 2/17 HSE SEN
Debate @ Rowland Hall
Rowland Hall
Salt Lake City, UT
Fri 3/3 Sat 3/4 BQ LD CX PF


Congress Tournament Info

Thursday, February 16th @ Skyline High School


3:00pm - Check-in & Judge Training

3:30pm - Round 1

6:30pm - Round 2

We plan to be done by 9:30pm.


Download Legislation Here


Preset, randomized recency will be used in every round (traditional recency/priority to follow). This will be posted at the start of the round and will likely correspond with the seating chart.

Direct questioning will be used in every round. The presiding officer will open the floor for questions following each speech. The presiding officer will recognize questioners for a cross-examination period of no more than 30 seconds. Questioners will be chosen according to a separate questioning recency.