Charger Challenge 2023

2023 — Draper, UT/US

Congressional Docket


Charger Challenge - 2023

Majority of the Legislation can be found at the UDCA site or the various NSDA dockets outlined


We will use Direct Questioning & Assigned Seating

UDCA Orders of the Day–The Updated version

Session 1:

- Establish Mandatory Public Service (December NSDA p.5)

- A Resolution to Reimburse Private Employers for Federal Holidays (January NSDA)

- Power Lines Underground (January UDCA)

- A Bill to Require Companies to Use Recycled Plastic (January UDCA)

- Estate tax (December UDCA)

- Human composting (November UDCA)

- Expand the public domain (December UDCA)

Session 2:

- US Join OPEC (January UDCA)

- A Bill to Universalize Mental Health Care in the United States (January UDCA)

- A Resolution to Discourage Social Media Use Among Elected Officials (January NSDA)

- Ban Research Into AI (September NSDA)

- Fracking (December UDCA)

- A Bill to Set the Minimum Driving Age to 18 (January UDCA)

- Increase tax on wealthy (September UDCA)


- A Bill to Allow all Federal Employees the Right to Unionize (January NSDA)

- Regulate DNA collection (November UDCA)

- Bill to Disarm Patrol Officers (NSDA diversity docket)

- Modernize nuclear plants (November UDCA)

- Jobs for Ex Prisoners (January UDCA)