Barkley Forum for High Schools

2017 — Atlanta, GA/US

Important Dates

December 5, 2016:  All entries and applications due online (Members and Non-members). On this date, Member Schools who are not entered will forfeit reserved entry.  For non-member school applications to be considered, each student’s competitive record should be entered on tabroom.


December 9, 2016:  All non-members will be notified about whether they have been accepted for entry into the tournament. 


December 19, 2016-January 2, 2017:  Barkley Forum office is closed.  Please do not attempt to leave messages by voicemail. 


January 9, 2017:  Congressional Debate bills and resolutions are due (email them to by 6:00 p.m. EST.  Reminder:  only two school-authored pieces of legislation are permitted per school. 


January 9, 2017:  Nominations for the Melissa Maxcy Wade Social Justice Award are due  ( or fill out form here).


January 10, 2017: Last day for drops without penalties in Congressional Debate.


January 13, 2017: Preliminary legislation and chambers released for Congressional Debate by noon EST.


January 20, 2017:  Last day changes can be requested without penalty fees (for all events except Congressional Debate, whose drop deadline is January 10).