Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

2023 — Fairless Hills, PA/US

Registration and Eligibility

Registration is open! New entries will be accepted through Friday, January 27, at 8pm, or until events are filled. Judge entries are due Monday, January 30, at 8pm, when fees and obligations lock.

All entries will be waitlisted until December 11, when slots will be admitted as evenly and completely as possible. Expected entry caps:
Speech: 35 for smaller events (such as DUO and POI), 70 for larger events (such as OO and Prose)
Congress: 80
V Policy: 65
N Policy: 25
V PF: 88
N PF: 48
V LD: 60
N LD: 25

Speech competitors may enter up to four events, two in each bracket. Students may not use the same piece in two events.

  • A: DUO, IMP, OO, Pro, POI
  • B: DEC, DP, EX, INF, Poe

Congress and Debate entries may not double-enter.


Students must attend the school with which they are registered and must travel with a responsible adult. A “school” is a diploma-granting institution. Independent and club entries are not allowed. Hybrid teams are not allowed. Novice status is limited to 9th or 10th grade in their first year of competition (contact the Tournament Director to appeal this status in specific cases). Any entries found to be in violation of these rules will be disqualified immediately at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

A responsible adult must be "on site" for the duration of the tournament. "Responsible adult" means someone beyond high school age who is acting with the permission of the school to represent the school's students if an issue arises. An adult being "on site" means they are available and able to get in touch rapidly with any student or judge representing the school.

Please note: Pennsbury students will be eligible to compete and break in all events.