John Lewis SVUDL Invitational formerly SCU Dempsey Cronin

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US



Use this form to compute how much you will owe at registration. Please note, some fees have been slightly increased from last year to account for additional expenses of hosting on-site events. Entry fees for online events are the same as last year.


__1__ School Fee X $52 = $52

____ number of Event entries/Congress entered X $32= _____

____ number of Parli teams/PF teams X $72 = _____

____ number of LD entries X $52 = _____

____ number of Policy Teams X $72 = _____

Penalties for Not Providing School Judges:

Schools are not allowed to buy out of more than 50% of their judging commitment. Please be advised, hired judging is very limited this year.

____ Speech Event entries/Congress entries uncovered X $75 = _____

____ LD Entries entries uncovered X $115 = _____

_____PF/Policy/Parli entries uncovered X $165 = _____

Total Fees = ____________

Please note, fees have been adjusted this year to include a 3% surcharge for online payments. If your school/program will be paying by check, please email or to have your invoice adjusted for a 3% discount.

Payment Options

Pay by check. Please make checks payable to “Silicon Valley Urban Debate League” and mail to:

Silicon Valley Urban Debate League

502 Valley Way

Milpitas, CA 95035

Online Payment Options

Zelle - Pay SVUDL through Zelle - - Please note, Zelle does not charge transactions fees, so if you pay through Zelle, you are eligible for the 3% discount

Paypal - Please go here to pay online via PayPal

Payment must be received by Thursday, November 17. Please notify us if you will need an extension on this deadline.

Fee Waivers

Following the mission of SVUDL, we would like to ensure that this tournament is made accessible to all teams that would like to participate. We understand that the current situation of COVID-19 may have put schools in unprecedented financial situations. If your school/program has concerns or issues regarding fees, please email for information regarding fee discounts.