University of Houston Cougar Classic

2022 — Houston, TX/US

Worlds Topic List

Worlds Debate:


Round 1: TFA Motion 5 - This House supports a cashless economy.

Round 2: Impromptu

Round 3: TFA Motion 7 - This House believes that the environmental rights of future generations supersede the economic interests of current generations.

Round 4: Impromptu

Round 5: (Impromptu, if necessary)

Elim Round 1: TFA Motion 10 - This House believes that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue should initiate the creation of a regional defense pact (similar to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the Asia Pacific region.

Elim Round 2: Impromptu

Elim Round 3: (If Necessary) TFA Motion 3 - This House supports a maximum age limit for national office holders in the United States.