Isidore Newman School Invitational

2022 — New Orleans, LA/US

Congress Procedures & Legislation Information

Congress Prelims and any Elims prior to Finals
Please submit up to three pieces of legislation per school. These should be submitted through the legislation upload procedure on To submit legislation, log in to tabroom, click on this tournament's name in your list of "existing tournament registrations." If you have confirmed Congress entries, there is a tab for "Legislation". From there, you will be able to upload up to 3 different properly formatted files.Please submit by Friday, November 11. The packet of legislation will be available on or before November 22. The tournament staff reserves the right to supplement the packet to assure we have an appropriate number of items and a variety of topics.

Link to Preliminary Sessions Legislation

Congress Finals
We will continue to use an open-ended approach to the Final Session of Congress. There will be no bills or resolutions. Debaters simply give speeches on what should be done, and/or they directly clash with previous speakers. We will publish the topic area for Finals during the week ending December 2.

2022 FINAL ROUND TOPIC AREA: US Immigration Reform

Debaters should propose and debate specific changes to US immigration law or enforcement procedures. There will be no specific bills or resolutions provided by the tournament. There will also be no need to hold votes on specific proposed changes.

Past topic areas:
2011 - US debt
2012 - US policy in the Middle East
2013 - US immigration policy
2014 - Election reform in the US
2015 - US trade policy
2016 - US policy toward Russia
2017 - US health care system
2018 – US federal safety net programs
2019 - US criminal justice reform
2020 - Structural Inequality in the US
2021- US Policy Toward the People's Republic of China