DUDA HS City Championship

2022 — Dallas, TX/US

End of Year Awards

At our City Championship, we will be recognizing exemplary students from across the league. If you have a student you think would be a good fit for this recognition, please take the time to submit this nomination form. Winning students will be recognized on stage at our City Championship Awards Ceremony - please only nominate students who you can reasonably expect to attend the City Championship. To be eligible, students must have attended at least 2 DUDA Tournaments this school year. Nominations will be due by April 29th.

Student Awards: 

9th Grader of the Yearhttps://forms.gle/hQBnV84J6evnE9BB8 

10th Grader of the Yearhttps://forms.gle/7aLEJZnSoN3i58hv8 

11th Grader of the Yearhttps://forms.gle/DtZeY4ou8b3MxRfCA 

12th Grader of the Yearhttps://forms.gle/aUsW2xNFSF4hEmcb7 

Coach Awards:

DUDA will recognize a Coach & Assistant Coach of the Year. If you think your head coach or assistant coach would be a good fit for this recognition, please reach out to Rodrigo at rodrigo.paramo@dallasurbandebate.org.

We will also be presenting a “Rookie Coach of the Year” award to a coach in their first year of coaching.