Steven Davis Invitational at Ardrey Kell

2022 — NSDA Campus, NC/US

How to Pay

There are two ways to pay this year:

To pay online via PayPal, please fill out this form to request an invoice. Please do not request an invoice until your entry fees are locked in Tabroom. Payment is due upon receipt and must be completed before Round 1 of the tournament.

To pay via check, please make checks out to:

AKHS Debate, Inc.

10220 Ardrey Kell Rd.

Attn: Jordan Stone

Charlotte, NC 28277

Checks should be mailed by February 24, 2022. We ask that you please take a picture of your check before mailing it to help us confirm payment in the event that it does not arrive before the tournament. Email photo confirmation to

If your school requires a W9 for payment, click here to download.