Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US


Unfortunately, due to school policy, we are unable to accept personal checks.

Individual Events: $5.00 per entry

Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Impromptu Speaking, Informative Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Storytelling, Vocal Solo

Duet Events: $10.00 per entry

Duet Improvisation, Duo Interpretation

Congressional Debate: $10.00 per entry

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: $15.00 per entry

Public Forum Debate: $20.00 per entry

World Schools Debate: $20.00 per entry

School Fee: $25.00