Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Tournament Rules and Recording Guidelines


To compete in this tournament, students must be enrolled in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.

If a student competes for a non-school-based club, and their accredited school is attending our tournament, that student must compete for their accredited school. Students who violate this rule will be disqualified.

Coaches may only sponsor one non-school-based club.


A student may not reuse material presented at any competition during a previous academic year. For the purposes of this tournament, the academic year begins in August and ends with the NSDA National Tournament in June. Consequently, students may not use material that they presented at the 2021 NSDA Middle School Speech Challenge.

Students may not use the same material in multiple events. Transcripts of oratories and interpretation material should be available for verification if necessary. 

Interpretation pieces must meet NSDA standards for publication.

Recording Asynchronous Events

The camera must remain stationary during the performance, but competitors may place themselves within the frame as they see fit. Students may move in and out of the frame.

Competitors may not use green screens, virtual backgrounds, or professional backgrounds that are not a solid color. On-screen text is prohibited.

Recordings must be of a single take. No editing or splicing of performances is allowed.

For duo interpretation, students can be in the same room. However, split screen recordings will also be allowed. 

If you provide a YouTube link for your recorded video, it should be unlisted, but not private.

If you provide a Google Drive or OneDrive link, make sure the file sharing setting allows anyone to view your video.

Check all video links to make sure they work.