Novice Round Up

2017 — Dallas, TX/US


I won't post an official schedule for a while. I can tell you that pairings will probably come out between 3 and 3:30 on Friday and debates will start at 4. We will start debates at 8 am Saturday morning and are usually done by 11 pm on Saturday night. It's hard to do the schedule because every year we have a bunch of teams signed up and then get a lot of drops. One year we had 32 teams and had a four pod 8 team round robin scheduled. In 10 days 9 teams dropped and it ended up 23 teams. In 2016 we ended up with 31 teams.

We will use onsite confirmation so you won't need to be on campus until 3:30 or so but we will still know you are here. You can bring the fees by our debate room whenever you arrive or at any point during the tournament.


Tentative Schedule based on 32 teams 

Friday April 28

8 am - 4 pm Registration - please confirm electronically using tabroom onsite confirmation. Between 3-4 come to the debate room Hoffman 112 to get order forms for lunch, drop off checks, etc.

Please do not go to the rooms where your debates will be held before 3:30. In a few rooms classes may be going until just a few minutes before 4 pm. Please be respectful. You and your students can hang out in H112 or outside until debates start.

Pairings 3:30 pm

Rd 1 4 pm

Pizza for everyone 5:30 pm - C116

Rd 2 6:30 pm

Rd 3 8:30 pm

Saturday April 29

Continental Breakfast for everyone 7:30 am - C116

Rd 4 8 am

Rd 5 10 am

Lunch for everyone - Noon - C116

Rd 6 1 pm

Rd 7 3 pm

Awards 5:30 pm

Semifinals 6:15 pm

Finals 9:00 pm