BHS Masters Tournament

2022 — NSDA Campus, WY/US

Debate Events

LD – NSDA January/February topic
PF – NSDA January topic

Please follow the internet usage rules as defined by the NSDA.

Because we will be double flighting Debates, there are some considerations. First, the A Flight debaters will need to check in to their room and make sure all their tech is working. B Flight debaters will be able to access their room at any time, but the judge won't be there until after the A Flight is finished debating. So B Flight debaters should check in to their rooms a little early and perhaps do a quick tech check with each other while waiting for the judge.

Also, there will be online coin flips for every round of PF and elimination rounds of LD. When the round is posted the computer will flip a coin and notify the winner of the flip. They will choose either their side or their speaker order (or just side in LD). They will have 5 minutes to respond before they lose their choice. Once they have chosen, the other team will be given their opportunity to select the remaining option. There is a 5 minute time limit here too. This will happen at the same time for both flights, just after the postings are sent out.