2022 — Aubrey, TX/US

Tournament Schedule

  FRIDAY (Debate)


3:00          Registration in library opens

4:00          CX, LD, PFD Round 1

6:00          CX, LD, PFD Round 2

8:00          CX, LD, PFD Round 3

10:00        Debate results announced  




7:30          Registration and Extemp Draw

8:00          Round 1 - Extemp 

9:00          Round 1 - Poetry, Prose

11:00        Round 2 - Extemp

12:00        Round 2 – Poetry, Prose

2:00          Finals - Extemp

3:00          Finals - Poetry, Prose

5:00          Awards            


*Rounds will be moved up and/or removed depending on registration count and schedule. 

SATURDAY (Testing)

7:30     Registration and Computer Apps (set-up)

8:00     Computer Apps, Number Sense, Current Events, Ready Writing**

8:30     Copy Editing**

9:00     Calculator Applications, Editorial Writing**

10:00    Feature Writing**, Math, Accounting

11:00    News Writing**, Spelling

11:30    Science

12:00    Headline Writing**

1:00      Computer Science (test only)

2:00      Social Studies, Literary Criticism


**All subjective grading writing prompts (RW,CE,EW,FW,NW,HW) will be sent to teams during the week of our meet to expedite grading. The times listed on the schedule are the estimated grading times for each event.

Please contact tournament director ( to take care of testing schedule issues on a case by case basis.



All UIL testing, written, and extemp materials (minus spelling) will be provided through UIL Set A materials.

The spelling test will be provided by ASW Enterprises.


***Testing awards will be given throughout the day!