UHSAA 1A State

2016 — UT/US

Congressional Debate Docket

2016 1A State Docket


1.       A Bill to Ban Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs

2.       A Bill to Reduce Crude Oil Restrictions

3.       A Resolution to Schedule to Federal Election Day to Saturday

4.       A Bill for American Companies to Establish a Minimum Wage for Outsourced Employees

5.       A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Regulate Campaign Finance

6.       A Resolution to Incentivize Chinese Action in North Korea

7.       A Resolution on Solar Roadways

8.       A Bill to Fund the Mining of Asteroids

9.       A Resolution to Send Aid to Puerto Rico

10.   A Bill to Implement a National Sick Day Policy

11.   A Bill to Halt Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

12.   A Resolution to Reduce Carbon Emissions through Establishing a National Renewable Portfolio Standard

13.   A Bill to Send Ground Troops to the Ukraine

14.   A Bill to Protect Military Assault Victims


15.   A Bill to Require All Armed Patrolmen to Wear Cameras While On Duty