The 34th Annual Klein High School Speech and Debate Tournament

2021 — Klein, TX/US


Klein High TFA Fall 2021 Topics 


Public Forum Debate – 2021 November/December Topic Area: Blockchain

Resolved: Increased United States federal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions and/or assets will produce more benefits than harms.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2021 November/December Topic

Resolved: A just government ought to recognize an unconditional right of workers to strike.


Policy Debate – 2021-2022 Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.


WSD Prepared Motions

RD I Prepared: This house believes that global governing bodies of major international sports championships should not host games in illiberal regimes.

RD III Prepared: This House Supports a federal carbon tax in the United States.

Finals: This House supports the creation and popular conscription of citizens into a mandatory civil service corps focused on climate issues.



Prelims: 15-22 


Finals: 25-30



Prelims: Europe

Semis: Latin and South America

Finals: Africa and the Middle East




Semis: Economics

Finals: Texas