William Tennent Invitational

2021 — Virtual, PA/US

Technology Requirements

In an effort to head technology issues off at the pass, I'd like to ask all participants to check and see if they are able to connect to our platform. Go to https://www.tennentinvitational.cloud/ and click on Test Site for WTI. As long as you are able to access the site, you ought to be good to go. Judges, please check this from whatever computer you plan to judge from during the tournament. Coaches, since your students may have more stringent web filtering, please ask some of them to check too.

If you encounter problems, here are a list of sites and ports that you can pass on to your school's technology support folks.

Here are the websites need to be unblocked:







We'll be using the below ports/applications:



10000 UDP: Web-RTC.

If anyone has any questions, would like assistance in testing ahead of time, or wants me to reach out to your technology folks, please drop me an email or text. (tim@squirrelnest.net or 267-481-2381 respectively).