The Big Cat Swing at Cypress Creek High School

2021 — Houston, TX/US

General Tournament Information & Guidelines


General Information

Both tournaments will be held on the Cy-Creek Campus (9815 Grant Road) just off Grant and Highway 249.


Contestants must be accompanied by a coach who is a full-time employee of the school or school district. If a coach is not present, the entire team will be disqualified from the tournament (drop fees will apply).


No smoking is permitted on campus. 


Any problems should be directed to Mr. Kay or Mr. Beard by the Coach or School Employee Sponsor.  Parents of students have no standing to challenge results.


Contestants may not enter a room until a judge is present. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification. Please inform all students that video surveillance cameras are installed throughout the campus.


Students cross-enter in IEs at their own risk. Students cannot cross-enter in Debate and IEs within the same tournament.  The Cy-Creek IE and Debate tournaments run concurrently, so students can enter IEs or Debate at the Creek tournament, but not both.  Same with the Cy-Fair tournaments. Students may enter DX and either FX or NX, but no cross-entering between FX and NX.  


No food or drink is permitted outside the cafeteria.


Coaches may be assigned to judge 4-6 rounds. We are charging a 30% judge fee to offset the cost of judges; all collected fees go directly to pay qualified judges. We plan to contract a large number of judges.

Rounds 1 and 2 will be preset. Round 3 will be powered High/Low within brackets. We will NOT  break brackets in debate. 


Novice is defined as a HIGH SCHOOL competitor in their first year of competition or having less than 25 NFL points prior to our tournament. Middle school students may not enter, even in novice divisions.

Judges: We will panel when we can. Judges at our tournament consist of contract judges, college students, teachers, parents, community volunteers, and junior/senior Cy-Creek/Cy-Fair students (who will be judging novice rounds).

Cypress Creek High School/Cy-Fair High School cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged laptops. (Should a student decide to use a laptop in the prep area, students must leave their computers in draw or in a closed bag while they are in the competition room.  Students will not be allowed back into the draw room until extemp draw has been completed. Furthermore, Cypress Creek will not provide power sources for laptop use.

We will be using the NSDA Nov/Dec topic for LD and the NSDA Nov/Dec topic for PF.


Cy-Creek and Cy-Fair Schools reserve the right to prevent entries from any school at any time at their sole discretion.

 Individual Events, Congressional Debate, Duet Acting, Duo Interpretation, Novice LD, and Novice PF.

1st = 15 points

2nd = 10 points

3rd/Semifinalists = 5 points

Quarterfinalists in Novice Debate and all non-placing finalists in IE, Congress, Duet, and Duo receive three points.

Varsity Debate Sweepstakes (CX, VLD, VPF, WSD)

1st = 20 points

2nd = 15 points

Semifinalists = 10 points

Quarterfinalists (if necessary) = 5 points